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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Stay Younger


We live in exciting times where being 50 means you are only halfway through your life. We don’t dread getting old, we dread losing our youth and vitality. You can grow older without growing old while adding years to your lifespan. Women like Jane Fonda, Mary Berry and Catherine Deneuve are showing us the new old age as they refuse to conform to what ageing is.
You can also trick your mind into staying young by continuing to learn new things throughout life. Doing new and different things keeps your brain elastic, sharp and finely-tuned. Professors in their 90s have brain neurons equal to those of 30. We only age when we stop doing new things, so embrace newness and change and you will stay mentally younger; this in turn keeps you physically younger. Our mind doesn’t age unless we stop using it. You can keep your memory and thinking sharp by reading your paper and doing crosswords on your iPad, use Skype, instagram and twitter as this will keep your mind in peak condition because anything new boosts your brainpower.

Halt ageing with nuerobics



We make new brain neurons when we practice nuerobics. This simply means if you’re right handed, hold your toothbrush and your TV remote with your left hand, and go upstairs leading with your left leg. When you use the ‘wrong’ hand or leg this makes new neurons boosting brain power. These simple tricks give you tangible results so that you age in ways that make others envy you.
Younger looking eyes


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