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Monday, 1 October 2012

Quick Facial Tips For Younger Looking Skin

Too much sun, alcohol and smoking can all cause premature ageing. A cheap and simple way to keep the skin looking younger can easily be achieved at home.

Drinking plenty of water and fluids is a must for keeping the skin hydrated. A good moisturiser and skin care routine is also a must.

Massaging the face daily helps to tone the muscles and get the blood flowing. To do this yourself you will need some cotton pads (not wool balls) and a good cleansing lotion and toner (I use The Bodyshops range).

Begin by putting some cleansing lotion on to the pads of your fingers. Then using circular motion starting at the neck and chin area massage gently but firmly up the neck, across the chin and mouth, around the cheeks and either side of the nose (you can also start at the chest area for extra benefit). Next begin on the forehead and around the eyebrows and outer eye area. Be very careful around the delicate area underneath your eyes. This skin is very thin here and any dragging can cause wrinkles, so to clean this area use gentle pressure with the ring finger only.
Make sure the lotion glides over your skin and does not get dragged around.

Once you have covered the whole area of the face using circular motion, use a clean pad to gently wipe away the excess lotion, again taking care around the underneath eye area.
You can repeat this process if you have been wearing make-up. Finish by using a toner on a clean pad to gently sweep across the whole face area, not forgetting the chest and neck.
I do this morning and night, taking more time in the evening to remove any dirt or make-up.
I do not always use a moisturising lotion every night. This is to allow my skins natural oils to do their job. However, this is optional.

Once I have done this routine in a morning, I always follow with a moisturising lotion to suit my skin type and always one with an SPF of at least 15-30.

Using a good but gentle facial scrub on my skin once a week, helps to get rid of any dead skin which can make the skin look dull. Do this after your cleansing routine and always follow with a moisturiser.

I tend to use a scrub in the shower, this way I can give my neck and chest area a scrub too. These area’s are often neglected in many people’s skin care routine and are one of the areas that show signs of ageing and dryness.


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