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Sunday, 29 May 2016

30 Day Butt Challenge Update

Further to my recent post on the 30 butt challenge I am currently doing, here is an update.

The routines are getting more challenging and I have gone through a range of exercises from floor movements and squats. The latest block of exercises I am currently doing are ballet based. I have done plies based movements which work the thighs and buttocks.

These are getting harder and after the odd day of really feeling the after effects of the routines, I am pleased to say I feel like I am getting stronger in my legs and bum. I have had a brief moment the day after some movements when it felt like I had really worked my muscles, but after some stretches it seemed to ease.

They do say that if you feel stiff then to take a days break. I have had to do this once, but other than that I have managed to keep going.

I do wonder what group of people they make these challenges for.

I exercise regularly but have at times have found it difficult. It certainly is NOT a quick fix for the faint hearted and I would recommend anyone thinking of taking up any kind of intense 7 - 30 day challenge to only do so if you have been exercising already for at least 2-3 months.


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