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Sunday, 15 May 2016

30 Day Butt Challenge

As some of you may know, I like to take part in the odd challenge now and again. With my beach holiday just around the corner I thought I would give my butt a bit of extra work, so have taken it upon myself to do a 30 day butt challenge.

I started it a week ago and it seemed pretty ok so far, not too painful. Every 5 days the exercises get more intense and varied. As I began my second block of 5 days I must admit that it did really begin to up the pace and I could really feel it the next day. It doesn't take too long to do so that is a plus for me. I start off with one exercise and then the next day I do day 1 plus a new exercise on day 2, then 3rd day a new exercise plus day 1 and 2. I continue like that for 5 days. Then it all starts again but with 5 different more intense exercises.

Unfortunately due to taking a trip over 200 miles to do a two day course I decided to put it on hold until I came back home. I really didn't think it would be a good look waddling into a conference room after the intense exercise.

Now I am back home the challenge has commenced. Currently I am doing a variety of squats and believe me they hurt. It does say that if it is hurting bad then to have a days break. Yes it hurts but I can still manage to keep going so far.

I have taken a before photograph and will compare it with an after one. I will be interested to see if all of the hard work and pain has been worth it and I will post the results.

I will keep you updated :)


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