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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Active Christmas

I must have been a good girl last year as Santa was very generous in my presents. I love exercise and are always happy to receive gifts that help my daily activity and motivation.

So at Christmas I was very happy to receive some new wrist/ankle weights (my old ones were that old, the sand was leaking out of them), a new bike and a fitbit. I felt like a child wanting to play out with their new toys that day.

For those of you that does not know what a fitbit is, this is what is does:-
  • Records steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned
  • Track your goals with online and mobile tools
  • Record active minutes, hours slept, quality of sleep
  • Set your goals and sync your stats
  • Silent wake alarm, water resistant

Basically it records all of my daily activity which I can view and set goals using my mobile phone.

This also helps to me to gain more Bounts (see past post of the beauty of Bounts and its rewards - link below)

Rewards for Exercising - Bounts

I can't think of a better motivation and reward scheme for keeping fit and healthy. Who needs an expensive gym membership!

Take a look at the fitbit for yourself. Even if you decide not to use one the Bounts scheme is definitely worth joining.


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