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Monday, 11 January 2016

Get Moving!

Winter makes us all feel like being lazy and staying indoors watching a movie. Then come spring it is a mad rush to get into shape for the holiday season.

I exercise ALL year whatever the weather. This helps to keep my body in shape and my weight steady. The longer you keep up the exercise routine, the more it becomes a daily habit.

I enjoy cycling but when the weather is cold, wet and dark I admit that jumping on my bike becomes less likely. So what do I do instead? I walk and walk and walk. If it's cold and raining, guess what? Yep I still walk (we have this amazing invention called a coat). I pull on my hat, gloves, scarf and coat and get out there. 

I vary my pace between walking at a steady rate to walking as fast as I can to the point that my legs ache. I know that this will make my heart, metabolism and muscles work at their best over a short space of time exercising (typically I walk between 20-40+ minutes at a time).

Even if you only have time for a quick 20 minute walk per day DO IT. Walk steady for a few minutes, fast for a few minutes and continue with that momentum. It will burn calories and tone your legs and butt. Use your arms to power you on, listen to music, do whatever it takes.

Sometimes I might even use the stairs in my house and walk/run up and down 10-20 times, but more often than not I will get outside.

If I am out shopping, I will park as far away from the shops as I can. I will use the stairs instead of lift or escalator. Every day has an opportunity to get moving.

Now I like to watch a bit of TV like the rest of us but even then I use this time to exercise. I use dumb bells - every other day - to tone my upper body mainly. Using weights and getting toned muscles will help your body burn fat quicker. It also protects against Osteoporosis as you age. 

I hope I have got my point across that exercise doesn't need to be an expensive trip to the gym, 4 hours of intense exercise or an excuse for not doing something.

Get in to a regular habit of doing something on a regular basis. You will have more energy, feel healthier, fitter and younger. What's not to like about that? ;)

See for yourself the calories you can burn off by even just doing half of the steps below.....


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