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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Fasting Update

You may have read my post on 14th January about over night fasting and weight loss. If you didn't you can read it HERE

The first week I struggled a little to eat my last meal of the day early but managed to leave having breakfast the next day as late as I could. After a bit of planning I have now been eating my evening meal around 5-6pm, having no snacks or alcohol after this time and eating my breakfast around 10am the next day. I do however make myself drinks of lemon and ginger tea or green tea during the evening. I have also had the odd hot chocolate drink on a cold evening (I'm only human at the end of the day!)

I generally try not to eat too unhealthily and have not changed my eating habit at all and still enjoy a bit of chocolate, cake or whatever my body craves at that moment (without over doing it). I also take daily exercise and do this regardless.

I feel less bloated and do feel like I have lost a little bit of weight as my clothes feel more comfortable.

I will weigh myself and post the results.

Stay tuned :)


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