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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New year!

So with Christmas just about over for another year all thoughts will be on making New Year's resolutions with one of the biggest thoughts on getting fitter and healthier.

Gym memberships will soar in the first few months of the new year and people will start off with good intentions. Unfortunately not many will stick beyond this as enthusiasm dwindles.

I personally have been lucky enough to motivate myself to exercise regularly and for free. Gyms are great for variety and motivation but I prefer exercise on my door step and for no cost. I vary what I do from walking, running, yoga and cycling. I also have weights at home and incorporate some weight training exercise to tone and strengthen my upper body. I exercise almost every day and it has become part of my daily routine rather than a chore.

The key to maintaining exercise long term is to find something that you enjoy so it becomes routine. Music is a big motivator for me so I often listen to some tunes whilst walking. I use my weights on an evening mostly, when watching tv. I never let the thought of exercise become an issue.

As I get older (I am now 46), for me daily exercise has to be part of my lifestyle to keep me healthy and avoid weight creeping up on me.

You will feel so much better in yourself for moving daily. You will have more energy, feel less stressed, younger, fitter, healthier and shape your body in the process. There are lots of ideas on my blog how to exercise for free and that are easy to fit in to your daily routine.

We can all make resolutions for the New Year and do them with good intentions but if you want to get fit and healthy then you need to make a change for the future.


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