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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Fasting and Weight Loss

I have always believed that the occasional fasting can aid weight loss. I am not a fan of starving myself but sometimes my body needs a break.

I did begin with the trusted old 'eat for five days and fast for any two days'. I found this difficult to do every week so would rely on it every now and again.

After watching a programme on TV (Trust me I'm a Doctor) and seeing the results of a test they did on how a certain type of 'easier' fasting can help with body fat and weight, I am totally convinced this is the way forward and shall be implementing their findings.

So how does it work?

They did a test on a group of volunteers, in this test they had to have their evening meal early (say 5pm) and have their breakfast as late as possible. The aim was to create a fasting experience overnight for as long as possible. Once they had had their evening meal, they couldn't have any snacks or alcohol. Just water. They could also eat whatever foods they liked during the day.

The results were amazing. Blood tests had been taken before and after to monitor the progress. ALL of the participants had a reduction in blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol, weight and body fat.

I will be using this method and will keep you posted on my progress.

I don't think I will be totally just eating whatever I want but will stick to my normal eating plan which consists of eating healthy to a certain degree. If my body fancies chocolate or a cream scone then I go with it. Moderation is my moto. I don't believe in having banned foods.

Please note: This information is just that, based on my opinion. If you have any health issues, it is advisable to consult your Doctor before undertaking any fasting or diet plan.


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