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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Is Your Beauty Regime Ageing Your Skin?

You may think that your extensive beauty regime stops ageing, but could all the harsh chemicals actually be speeding up the process?

How many products does it take to create you 'ready to meet the world' face? And of those, have you ever looked at the never-ending ingredients lists? Overload your skin and your anti-ageing regime could do more harm than good. Is it time for back to basics beauty?

One of your skin's key roles is to provide a barrier, but that doesn't mean it's impenetrable. In fact, it's estimated on average we absorb almost 5lb of chemicals each year form the cosmetics and toiletries we use. Given that, on average, women use 12 products every day, containing as many as 175 different chemicals, it's no wonder your skin can start to feel and look 'overloaded'. It can't always cope with a constant bombardment by synthetic substances.

Of course, beauty companies aren't in the habit of making their skincare products deliberately toxic and, used in moderation, they won't have any detrimental effect. But if you're using 20 products a day on already sensitive skin, it can result in inflammation, irritation and accelerated ageing. 

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have suggested that over-zealous bathing with harsh soaps and detergents may have contributed to a recent 40 per cent rise in cases of eczema in England.

Keep your skin happy by streamlining your regime, and avoid using two products when one will do. Give your bathroom cabinet an audit and get rid of any unnecessary - and money-wasting - extras!


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