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Sunday, 12 April 2015

6 Life Tips To Burn Belly Fat Fast

Want a flat stomach? Or maybe just shift a couple of pounds hanging onto your belly?
There are many alternative ways to do so than spending all your time breaking strenuous sweats in the gym (although working out is a key factor!)
It is amazing what certain small changes to your routine can do and how quickly belly fat can disappear.
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1. Plenty of Vitamin C
While Vitamin C is perfect for fighting a cold; it also produces carnitine a compound used by the body to turn fat into fuel and help burn it off. Kale, bell peppers and kiwi along with the traditional orange are rich in Vitamin C.
2. Goodbye Sugar! 
Fighting belly fat consists of eating an 80% healthy diet enriched with vegetables, protein, whole-grain and omega 3 filled foods. Sugar is an evil ingredient, which quickly adds weight without us even realising, and forever leaves us craving more and more naughty snacks.
3. Swim! 
Stereotypically it is suggested that in order to achieve a flat stomach you need to spend your time in the gym, obviously it helps but it’s not necessarily the only way. Instead, swim! It is relaxing, provides low impact on your joints and is fantastic cardio. Not only will it burn of the fat but also tone your muscles.
4. Eat Smaller Portions and More Often
Eating 5 – 6 small meals per day helps to lose weight as it keeps your metabolism constantly running as it is burning off the food, it also prevents the common problem of being hungry.  Try a light breakfast, small brunch, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, small dinner and possibly a small late snack.
5. Sleep
Studies prove that people who are regularly tired have slower metabolisms, taking longer to burn off calories. Getting a good and long sleep collects more energy to do more within the day and quickly burn off fat.
6. Strengthen your Core 
You cannot avoid exercise if you want to lose weight… you don’t have to make it your priority but you do have to involve some into your routine! Your stomach muscles are apart of your core and there are many activities you can do to improve this that don’t just involve sit-ups – so next time you exercise focus purely on your core and you will see the fat shift fast!


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