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Monday, 20 April 2015

Beat Stress!

Relax and switch off from the daily pressures of everyday life with our top anxiety relieving tips

1 Stretch it out

Regular downward dogs are one of the best ways to reduce stress. Yoga helps you learn how to relax in the real world and is great for training you to calm the mind and remove yourself from life’s stresses. The poses, combined with deep breathing techniques, help you reach a state of tranquillity and require concentration of the mind and body, leaving little room to worry.

2 Pack a punch

Have things ever got so stressful that you’ve wanted to hit something? We’ve all been there. And while none of us would actually start smashing things up just because we’re angry, there is a safe alternative when it comes to pounding out stress: boxing. Look up your local studio or try out a boxercise class at the gym. It’s a fantastic workout, too!

3 Push your body!

Bootcamps are becoming more and more popular these days and, while signing up is a fantastic way to keep fit, it’s also an effective way to help beat stress. You’ll be so exhausted afterwards you won’t have the energy to worry, plus all those feel-good endorphins will help to lift your mood and put any problems into perspective.

4 Share it

Many of us bottle up our problems, but this is no good for anxiety levels – and it can often make things seem much worse than they are. Ever heard of the saying ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’? It’s very simple but very good advice. Talking about whatever is bothering you can alleviate your concerns and help to resolve them.

5 Step by step

Concentrating on a complex task or move can help you forget your worries. So kick those concerns to the kerb with a dance workout. The moves will require your full attention, plus they’ll boost your heart rate.
6 Get your zzzs

It may be at the bottom of your priority list right now, but getting a good amount of sleep each night is crucial to your ability to cope with stress. The less sleep you get, the more pressure there is on your ability to focus, which will only aggravate you. 
7 Breathe deep

Taking time out to do some breathing exercises can be an extremely effective way to reduce stress. Every day, try to find a quiet spot just for you and focus on full, cleansing, deep breaths from the abdomen.
8 Write it down

Sometimes it helps to write thoughts down. Lots of psychologists recommend this as it helps us to recognise our emotions and find what is actually bothering us. Take a moment each day to write in a free-form style, noting how you are feeling and why. 
9 Bin it!

Another interesting technique is to write down everything that is stressing you out, then throw the piece of paper away! Researchers have found that people who literally threw away their concerns had lower stress levels and worried less.
10 Get in the zone

Meditation is not only a great way to relax, but it also prompts mindfulness. This can help you recognise unhelpful patterns of thought and activate positive mental states, such as kindness, compassion and patience.


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