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Friday, 10 April 2015

Five Ways To Improve Your Smile

Did you know that looking after your smile is the best way to stop ageing? Follow these tips to help you smile with confidenceResearch from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has also found that people are seen as more intelligent and successful if they have a gleaming, healthy white smile. We talk to Dr Simon Darfoor, a top implant and cosmetic dentist, to find out how you can smile with confidence.

Get flossing 

‘The use of dental floss is an important element of oral hygiene, since it removes the plaque and decaying food that gets lodged between the teeth,’ explains Dr Simon Darfoor ‘Food decay and plaque cause irritation to gums, allowing the gum tissue to bleed more easily. It’s best to floss after brushing, so you don’t push debris back between your teeth when you brush.’ Clean your tongue‘Cleaning your tongue as part of daily oral hygiene is essential,’ says Dartfoor, ‘because it removes the white and yellow bad-breath-generating coating of bacteria. It will also kill decaying food particles, fungi (such as candida) and dead cells from the top area of the tongue,’ It may feel weird to do at first, but worth it if it fights bad breath.

Watch what you eat and drink

Not just for your waistline but also your teeth. ‘Sugar is the main cause of dental cavities,’ says Dartfoor, ‘while other carbohydrates, especially cooked starches such as crisps, may also damage teeth. The acids in fruit juice, vinegar and soft drinks  can also lower the pH level of your mouth which, in turn, causes the enamel to de-materialise.’ Dartfoor also recommends that you ‘avoid drinking orange juice or cola throughout the day because this raises the risk of dental cavities tremendously’.

Stay healthy
‘Several recent clinical studies show a direct link between poor oral hygiene and serious systemic diseases like heart attack and Stroke, bacterial Pneumonia, diabetes and Osteoporosis,’ says Dartfoor, making it clear that having a healthy mouth not only looks good but can also save your health. ‘Eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and clean your teeth at least twice a day, preferably with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You should also have a professional clean by a dentist twice a year,’ adds Dartfoor.
Protect your gums
‘Massaging your gums with toothbrush bristles is a great way to boost oral health,’ explains Dartfoor. ‘Brush with a circular motion right down to the gum line and don’t be tempted to use an over-aggressive brushing technique, which can make your gums recede, and expose yellowish root surfaces at the gum line.’ If your gums have receded, don’t expect them to grow back, they won’t – however thanks to a new treatment in the UK, gums can be re-built if caught early enough.


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