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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

7 Day Intensive Exercise Routine

Two days ago I decided to try an intensive 7 day all over body workout. I am currently on day 3.

Why am I doing this you may ask?

I have always enjoyed exercise and still enjoy it to this day. However, I do enjoy upping the stakes every now and again and thought I would challenge myself a little more. Also I wanted to know if it would make any difference to my body shape after only 7 days.

My thoughts so far are that it is VERY intense. So much so I have had to improvise some of the movements to enable me to get through it. I have not always managed to complete the full amount of circuits they have suggested (but have tried to do as much as my body would allow me to).

This is not for the faint hearted and would take someone of immense fitness, in my opinion, to complete it all to the exact scale they are suggesting.

Having said that I find the challenge enjoyable and are hoping that the end results will be worth the pain. Yes that's right pain! It doesn't come without some aching my muscles are feeling right now.

Having a change in your exercise routine is good. I change my own routine every 6 weeks at least so that my muscles have to work harder and so I am working different muscles too.

This current routine comes with a 7 day food menu to follow. I must confess that I have not been following it as I feel my diet is healthy already. I have been making sure I take in extra healthy calories to feed my muscles along with taking beetroot juice which I know from personal experience is good for stamina and energy.

Along with this routine, I also do my daily Yoga stretches just to help keep the pain in my muscles to a minimum. After showering I finish off with a cold rinse to help with lactic acid (the stuff that causes the pain of over working the muscles).

My final conclusion is that these routines are not for the newbie to exercise and not to be used as a quick last minute fix before a holiday.

I will keep you informed of my progress and final thoughts after the 7 days are complete.


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