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Monday, 18 May 2015

The Dreaded Cellulite and Holidays

Yes it's getting to that time of year when I must dig out my bikini and make sure it still fits before baring myself beside the pool.

One of my worries each year, is how much cellulite I have gained over the winter months (aswell as pounds!).

Well this year I have been preparing in advance. I have been walking more (and at a faster pace), to help tone up my legs. Imagine the shock I got when I looked in the mirror and saw that my arms had now been 'blessed' with the dimply stuff, gggrrrr.

So here I am once more with time not on my side. I body brush and vigorously massage a quick 'miracle' cream into my dimpled bits on a daily (well almost) basis. There has been some improvement albeit slow and not quite the results I was hoping for, but on the plus side, it hasn't got any worse.

I needed something a bit quicker and with more guaranteed results that wouldn't cost the earth. After much research, I think I may just have found the answer.

Have a look and tell me what you think.......Click Here

A quick tip you can do whilst laying on the beach, is to gently massage your legs and arms with the grains of sand. This will help to get rid of any dead skin and gently give you a free exfoliation. Be careful not to scrub too hard though and especially not if you have over done the sun bathing. Doing this just once or twice over a week will be enough. It can help prolong your tan by getting rid of dead skin that would shed and take your newly aquired tan with it. Once you have had a gentle scrub, wash off in the sea and blather on plenty of suncream, not forgetting to moisturise all over later on after showering.


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