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Monday, 11 April 2016

The Training Countdown Begins!

So as you might know from my last post I am doing a couple of charity events. The first one being a 28 mile cycle ride. The course is near Grimsby and from what I have seen will involve a few hills so some training and good eating is in order.

I will be posting my progress as I build up to the first challenge which will take place on 8th May.

Yesterday I began doing some training. It is not all about the exercise, good fuel (in the way of food and fluid) is as important.

Over the course of yesterday I ran and walked with the dog for 5 miles (split in to two sessions). As it was a sunny day I thought it would be a good opportunity to jump on my bike. Now anyone who cycles will know that it is important to get your butt use to the saddle. I haven't been on my bike much this year so that first ride can be a little bit painful on the old bum bones the day after.

Nevertheless I jumped on my bike and cycled roughly 15 miles. It was a little bit breezy going but easier going coming home and I really enjoyed it :)

Subject to the weather I plan to do another ride during the week taking it a bit further. Once I have got my legs (and bum) use to being back on my bike I will then begin to tackle some hills (I can't wait 😕).

Having a good food intake will help my muscles recover and give me the stamina I need.

I will post more on my progress and what I'm doing and eating over the course of the next few weeks


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