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Monday, 18 April 2016

In Training

So with just under 3 weeks to go to my first charity event which is the Grimsby 28 mile bikeathon, I am getting in to the swing of training (sort of!)

I run and walk daily so these things are keeping my fitness levels up and strengthening my leg muscles. I also do squats and various leg exercises at home.

I have been trying to do some cycling but due to the weather have not been able to do as much as I would have liked to by now. I am hoping I can spend the next 3 weeks doing as much as possible.

Today I have so far had a walk and a run with no cycling done. I will however train my legs later with some weight bearing exercises of squats and lunges. I am intending to get on my bike tomorrow.

I have been eating much healthier and trying to add salads or vegetables with each lunch time and evening meal. I also have a daily glass of what I consider to be my magical stamina formula.......I will reveal what that is in my next post.

Until next time......keep active :)


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