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Monday, 30 March 2015

Keeping A Food Diary

Try this trick if you're watching your waistline​

Trying to shift some weight? Perhaps it's time to have a closer look at what you're eating and more importantly, why you're eating itHave you ever reached for the Ben & Jerry's after a break up or a hard week? We often reach for food when we are under stress or feeling down, even though we aren't actually hungry. Sleep deprivation is another common food-trap and often sees people overeating unnecessarily.  

So how do you get back in control? Try writing a food diary. Make a note of what you eat, when you eat and how you're feeling at the time. Be honest with yourself and you'll soon start to see patterns in your eating habits. Maybe you'll notice that at 2pm you get a real energy slump and rely on sugary treats to perk you up. Then, you can plan to take healthy, low-sugar snacks to work the following week to help you through the afternoon whilst avoiding a roller coaster ride of your blood sugar levels spiking and crashing. 

You could also try an app such as myfitnesspal which helps you track how much you're eating. It works the same was as a traditional food diary, but it is easier and more discrete than carrying around a pen and paper, plus you can search the huge database of foods to save you obsessively reading labels before you bin your lunch! 

Now that we know hunger can be a trick of the mind, we're feeling a bit bamboozled! Nutritionist Lowri Turner explains how to tell when it's the real deal and not an emotional response: 

Real hunger is recognisable by physical symptoms. You may hear growling in your tummy, or feel lightheaded or even a bit sick. Identify whether you're genuinely hungry by paying attention to these signs, then grade yourself on the Hunger Scale below. You should aim to eat at 3-4 and stop and 6-7.  

1. Physically faint 

2. Ravenous 

3. Fairly hungry 

4. Slightly hungry 

5. Neutral 

6. Pleasantly satisfied 

7. Full 

8. Stuffed 

9. Bloated  

10. Nauseous 

Start your food diary today and fast track those weight loss results!



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