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Monday, 16 March 2015

8 Reasons To Eat More Broccoli

Your muscle meal staple has a host of health benefits beyond adding some colour to your plate.

Smite smog

If city life means you’re struggling to breathe easy, kick back with a brew. A Chinese study found that tea infused with freeze-dried broccoli sprouts increased the removal of benzene and acrolein, two toxic byproducts of air pollution. If you haven’t got a freeze-dryer to hand, or fancy eating your broccoli, rather than the water it's cooked in, rustle up this Asian-style broccoli for an easy detox.

Joint effort

Feeling creaky? According to researchers at the University of East Anglia, a compound called sulforaphane found in broccoli can slow down the destruction of cartilage in joints, preventing arthritis. Couple with these other inflammation fighters to keep the spring in your step.

Eat hearty

A study published in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that snacking on broccoli florets stimulates the production of thioredoxin, a chemical that protects your heart cells from damage. Combine with a glass of bubbly for a cardiac protector worth celebrating.

Bring sexy back

Eat healthy for a healthier bedroom experience. According to Spanish research published inFertility and Sterility, upping your intake of folates found in broccoli can increase semen production, which leads to stronger orgasms and improved fertility. Combine with these tips to ensure she’s smiling as much as you.

Rapid recovery

Go green to soothe aching muscles. Research in the British Journal of Nutrition linked Vitamin C to faster recovery from intense workouts and less stiffness the day after. Forget oranges; broccoli gives you 148% of your RDA, meaning you’ll be back on the bench in no time. Use our guide to minimizing DOMS to get you there even faster.

Eat more, weigh less

Chow down on fibre and reap the benefits. A US Department of Agriculture study determined that those who eat 24g of fibre – that's around a head of broccoli – daily, earn 90 extra calories of guilt-free eating. Pair your greens with this high-fibre vegetarian pitta to earn yourself a biscuit with your cuppa. No, you can’t have the whole tin.

Crucify your cancer risk

A study in Integrative Cancer Therapies found that men who ate three or more servings of cruciferous veg per day reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 41%. Add broccoli to our curry-spiced salmon for a cancer-crushing feast – Illinois researchers found that spicing up the green stuff can boost its anti-cancer power.

Retrain your brain

Here’s a tip you’ll remember. Magnesium-packed broccoli safeguards your memory, according to researchers at Chung Hua University in China. Enjoy with a cup of coffee for unrivalled powers of retention. Now where did you leave your mug…


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