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Monday, 1 October 2012

Welcome to the club!!

Hi Friend

It wasn't long ago that I was 'looking forward' to the Big 40 birthday to land at my feet. Well that's been and gone and I'm head long into the 40's (infact nearly 45), only now I'm trying to keep the belly, boobs and bum from landing at my feet.

My name is Franky and I have qualifications in Nutrition, Gym Instructor, Yoga, Massage, Make-up and Skin Care. I also have a keen interest in anything to do with Health & Fitness.

I set up this Blog after reaching 40 as I realised that getting past the ’40′ milestone seems to slow the weight loss process down and speed up the ageing.

Finding the right information without it breaking the bank was a bit of a challenge…….until now!

Please follow me.

Best wishes



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