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Monday, 1 October 2012

Non Toxic Eating

Non-Toxic Eating

Having too many toxins in the body can stop us from losing weight and even make us put weight on more easily, aswell as affecting our health. Eating too many processed foods in our diet creates a build up of toxins. I found that one of the best and easiest ways to lose weight was to cut out those toxins. However, not everyone finds it easy to do this, so my eating plan is based around toxic free eating and low fat for everyone else. Even if you can have one or two toxic free days you will feel a benefit.

On the toxic free plan, you are allowed a guilt free meal of anything you fancy once a week. By doing this you shock your system with the extra calories and it actually goes into overdrive to burn more fat. Also having a ‘treat’ helps avoid any cravings of bad stuff.

As a guide line, non-toxic foods are foods that don’t have anything artificial added to them, don’t last for months due to additives or preservatives, don’t have sugar listed in the first three ingredients, food that doesn’t have a long list of ingredients, food that still looks in its natural form e.g. a banana, carrot, apple, as appose to a crisp that does not resemble a potato as it has been changed from its natural state by processing.

Choosing a non-toxic eating plan will allow you to lose weight, keep it off and still have plenty of energy. Normal low fat eating plans will help you lose weight but often you will feel tired and struggle to keep the weight off. Of course, toxin-free is better for your health and body all round, but choose and stick to whatever plan works for YOU.

In my opinion this is by far the quickest and most sensible menu to follow for losing weight and that belly fat. The eating plan is designed to keep you satisfied for longer with healthy meals.

A full range of toxic free menu’s and more advice is available in the Clean & Lean Cook book. 

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