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Monday, 1 October 2012

Eating Tricks

Also try these seven tricks before you diet:

Get into breakfast: Those who indulge wisely tend to eat fewer calories during the course of the day.
Eat more water: US Dermatologist Dr Murad reckons eating lots of fruit and veggies is a great way to get water into our cells – and it also helps smooth out cellulite!
Get better sleep: Lack of it makes you crave sugar and fats. Drink a caffeine-free herbal tea at bedtime for unwired nights – and hopefully a cravings dip.
Go for protein: Fish, turkey and chicken make you feel full longer. Protein revs your metabolism and helps build lean muscle mass.
Big up your fibre: Eating more vegetables, fruits and wholegrains will help you feel full.
Eat mindfully: Debenhams has noticed it’s selling more forks than knives these days – probably due to easy-eat meals in front of the TV! For stress-free digestion and less bloating, lay the table, use all the cutlery and eat every mouthful slowly.
Add more spice: Research shows that capsaicin in red peppers, chilli peppers and chilli powder helps give metabolism a little boost and suppress appetite.

Mindful Eating

Getting to know our body can be a real help in the battle of over eating. For example did you know that when you feel hungry it may be a signal for thirst?
Feeling hungry when you have recently eaten can be a sign that you simply need a drink rather than food. We often eat too much due to our emotions; anger, sadness, boredom.
If we learn to eat only when we are REALLY hungry – not thirsty or bored – then we can control our eating habits better. Next time you feel hungry an hour or so after a meal, try having a glass of water or herbal tea.
You can often distract yourself away from hunger that isn’t ‘real’ by doing something else (brush your teeth, vacuum, go for a walk). Only eat when you are truely hungry and by listening to yourself you will know when that is.


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