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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

What A Shock!!

Today's post is about what has happened in my life recently and how it has made me (and a lot of other shocked folk) think diffently about their lifestyle.

Just over a week ago my fit and healthy husband suffered a mild heart attack. Fortunately he is now on the mend with a stent fitted to open up his artery and medication for the rest of his life.

He has always been within a healthy weight and was a regular cyclist taking part in a yearly 70+ mile charity bike ride up some very tough hills (which he always cycled up without getting off his bike).

Now I am not so naive to know that heart problems can happen to anyone. Living a healthy lifestyle that he has, non smoker and the odd drink, I won't say hasn't made a difference. The difference is that the whole outcome could have been totally different and a lot worse.

I don't write this to scare anyone and the reason for his attack has possibly been down to a slightly raised cholesterol and according to the hospital 'bad genes/family history'.

As an active family and I would say reasonably good diet, we have been partial to a piece of cake and the odd ale. I'm very much a believer in a little bit of what you fancy. However, I have now taken a long hard look at any little tweeks and changes I can add to our diet/lifestyle to keep it tip top.

So, the next however many posts will be dedicated to any findings, tips and advice I can share with you along the way. These will hopefully help you also in taking a look at your own lifestyle and seeing if I can help you too :)

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