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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Why I Embrace Getting Older

Many people fear getting older and who knows one day I may feel the same but for now I have no fear of ageing.

Here's why:

For me I feel much happier in a lot of ways. I have learned to be happy with my body and love the shape it is in (even though it is not as toned or slim as it use to be). However, I accept that I will never weigh what I did in say my 20's/30's but when I look back I was extremely toned but probably too slim. I do feel happier weighing more.

I enjoy the challenge of exercising and keeping on top on my weight, whereas in my younger days I would always exercise because I enjoyed it but could eat what I liked. There was no real challenge for me.

I have found that my confidence has grown as I've aged too. Possibly because now I am a mum I need to be a good role model for my daughter, especially in today's society. Far too many youngsters are growing up with body anxieties and feeling like they have to live up to a certain degree of perfection in the way they look.

Getting older has made me a lot wiser too. I have always been what I would call 'soft natured' and sometimes that has been my downfall. People have taken advantage of that. Now I am much more assertive and will not stand for nonsense. If I don't like something or the way someone is treating me I will say so and if necessary think twice about having them in my life.

Growing up I found I needed to pay less attention to my looks and body and though some may think that's a good thing, for me I now enjoy the care and attention I give myself. I believe looking after myself more has made me a happier person and more attentive to what my body needs.

So for me personally, getting older has changed me for the better and I will go on embracing each day 😁


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