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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Fat Over 40?

As we get older it seems inevitable that weight gain will follow.

I look at friends on social media and celebrities of a certain age and see those that were once slim have now gained quite a few pounds.  I myself weigh a stone heavier than I did in my 30's but are fortunate in that I am still not classed as being overweight.

So what happens as we age to cause this obvious shift in weight?

Well it can be a number of factors.

A change in hormones as we age can cause a shift in weight and is one of the reasons for some.

Also for many people, as they get older their eating habits often stay the same and calories consumed are not reduced. As we get older our bodies are able to function on far less calories than needed, say, 10 years previous.

It is becoming a pattern that many of the more mature nation are turning to a bottle of wine or a beer more nights in the week, thus adding extra calories. That combined with not exercising or cutting back on overall calorie intake is a guaranteed way to piles on the pounds.

So what can we do?

After reading that it would seem obvious what needs to be done:-

Reduce the calories we consume on a daily basis by at least 200-400 per day.

Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes by walking, running, cycling, swimming, weight training, dancing, running up and down the stairs or preferably a combination of 2 or 3 different forms of exercise.

Use alcohol sparingly as a way to relax. There are a lot of calories in the stuff!

Find ways to relax like taking up Yoga or a hobby. Stress is a factor in weight gain.

If in doubt or before taking up any exercise or diet plan it is advisable to speak to your GP.


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