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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Smart! Don't eat at night, lose weight

The kind of fasting being popularized as "intermittent" may be all the rage as a weight loss strategy, but let's be honest, eating hardly anything 3 days per week will never be truly popular. The awesomely easy alternative: fasting while you're asleep, plus a little longer. A food break as brief as 12 hours will help you get a smaller waistline: It speeds up metabolism and lowers blood sugar and body weight, even if you don't actually cut any calories. This is based on preliminary research, but if it's true—and other ongoing research is looking to show that—you'll burn fat by just changing when you eat.

 Your easy plan: Eat 3 meals as close together as possible—say, a 9 AM breakfast, a 1 PM lunch, and a 6 PM dinner—to stretch out your nighttime fasting phase as long as possible.

Finish dinner by 7 and eat breakfast at 9 to lose weight


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