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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Healthy Herbs


Melly Lou, naturopathic Doctor at Farm Girl and founder of Liquorice Lifestyle told FEMAIL:  'Adding medicinal and culinary herbs to your food and drink can drastically change your health.'

Herbs to incorporate include:  

Mint for calming your digestion.

Turmeric for anti inflammatory properties, building immunity, and having a positive effect on blood cholesterol, among many other things.

Nettle in Spring and Summer to reduce the effects of Hayfever.

Rose for calming the digestive system and cardiovascular health.

Cinnamon facilitates the movement of sugar from the blood into your cells by potentiating the function of insulin. This results in more stable blood sugar levels and less sugar cravings.

Coriander is a 'Metal Chelator', cleansing the central nervous system of unwanted heavy metals consumed mainly in large fish and canned food.

Juices and smoothies might appear to be a 'drink' but should always be viewed a meal. 

Adding herbal powders and different sources of plant based proteins such as chia seeds, spirulina, and soaked nuts, gives your body a huge dose of micronutrients which satisfies you. When you eat like this regularly your body is nourished by a lesser amount of food, as often hunger is actually the desire for vitamins, minerals, and what is commonly referred to these days as 'superfoods'.

Cinnamon is a natural sweetener and can be added to puddings instead of sugar, honey or agave 


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