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Friday, 9 January 2015

Blend Your Way To Health

I have always been a fan of juicing, but never liked the waste and time consuming efforts to clean the thing afterwards, then I discovered blending!

After a bit of research into the various types of juicers and gadgets available, I stumbled upon the Nutri Bullet. I compared it to other types of blenders available and was impressed with the ease of use and how easy it was to clean. Also the motor power is much more powerful than a normal blender, which makes blending together hard vegetables easier.

I liked the fact that everything was blended up with no waste left over. I also found that unlike juicing (remember we are blending here, not juicing), the end result wasn't too sweet for me. When you drink juice, you're getting all of the sugar in the fruits and veggies it contains—but none of the fibre that fills you up.

The blender I bought came with a book of foods to blend and their benefits. I personally prefer to just throw in whatever I have available, knowing that whatever goes in it will have its benefits to me.

 From this........,,,,,,,,,to this           

However, I do have my regular favourite foods that I use which are:

Spinach (I have low iron levels and this is packed with iron), half of an orange (Vitamin C for my skin and also to help my body absorb iron), Avocado (for the Omega-3), Turmeric powder (anti-inflammatory properties) along with berries and vegetables for the various vitamins and minerals. Not forgetting Cinnamon power which is known to stabilise blood sugar levels along with other health benefits.

I like to have a variety of different foods in my juice so that I get a range of benefits. I also sometimes add a small amount of protein powder to make the juice more filling.

You can experiment with your own flavours.

Tip: If you find a blend you really enjoy, write down what you have used so you don't forget.

The above is based on my own personal experience and is my opinion only. 

I use blending as a way of getting extra nutrients into my body as oppose to using it as a weight loss solution.

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