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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Just Keep Trying

As a mum over 40, keeping in shape is harder than it used to be. I weigh more now than I ever have but I am happy with that. I don't obsess about food, but I try to eat healthy most of the time. I enjoy a treat and a small amount of alcohol. Life is for living right?

Maybe life is for living but at the same time I don't want to put myself at risk from poor health due to being over weight and unhealthy.

Some days I might struggle with life in general and feel like having crisps or cake or chocolate. If that's what my body craves then I go with it. I don't beat myself up about it or skip meals to make up for it. Instead I accept that, that is what I wanted to eat at that particular time. I don't run or bike an extra 5 miles to burn it off. Instead I tell myself that I will eat healthier the rest of that day or the next day. This usually happens.

When I've had a day of eating junk my body lets me know. I feel bloated and sluggish and it is a reminder that it is ok to go off track ocassionally as long as I get 'back on track'. I don't let it get me down or beat myself up about it.

The point I am trying to make is that if you're trying to lose weight or getting fitter, then there might be times when you go off track. Accept that it is normal and you chose to do that. Get back to it and just keep trying. After all what can be worse, going off course a little or never trying in the first place?


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