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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Race For Life

Yesterday evening I did my second charity event in a month the Race for Life raising funds for cancers that affect women.

I have taken part in this cause on and off for the last 18 years. The last time being a couple of years ago.

The course was held on the cliff tops at Sewerby near Bridlington in East Yorkshire. 

It had been raining most of the day and the wind was howling. Not the best of weather to be running 5k on the cliff tops, but it was all for a good cause. 

I got there 45 minutes before the 7pm start as parking is often busy. It was a bit of a walk to the start line and as I walked the wind was blowing and the temperature was around 10 degress bbbrrrr. Once at the start there were already a number of ladies congregating around the stage area. The local radio station were on stage trying to keep everyone motivated and hudled together to keep warm. A couple of local ladies came on stage and gave a tearful quick few words as to why the race for life was important to them (survivors of cancer themselves). It was very touching.

As the start time got closer another woman came on stage and had everyone dancing around to a quick warm up session. Then we moved into start positions. Fast runners at the front, then joggers and then walkers.

I joined the joggers section and we were off. I was running with my sister and we took up a steady pace. I have to admit that I am not the best of runners, I prefer walking or cycling but seeing so many women and supporters turn out on such a dreadful evening spurred me on.

As we turned to continue on our path the wind didn't feel too bad.

Ten minutes in to the run I began to warm up and took my hoodie off to tie around my waist. The course took me down a steep slope and along the sea front. Once at the end I went around a marshall and back in the same direction. 

My calves were getting tight and as I approached the steep slope I had to stop and walk up it. Once at the top I continued to run. Running back in the same direction but closer to the cliff edge was tough going. It was uneven with small inclines and the wind was head on. This continued for the next mile, then it was a turn around and heading back to the finish. 

My calf tightness had eased and I could see the crowd and finish line. I crossed over the finsh to encouragement from the crowd and a sense of achievement. It took me 32 minutes overall.

Once stopped I very quickly cooled down and with my hoodie back on watched a few more cross the line before coldness over took and I headed back to my car to warm up!

The support from the crowds and seeing how many females, from the very young to the more mature, all take part is very humbling to see. I will continue to do this run and I am sure other charity events as we never know when a breakthrough for these diseases will come or when we or our loved ones may need the support they offer x


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