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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What To Expect From Your Body During Your 50's

During our 50s we have entered the menopause and there are no clear guidelines with this because each and every woman has different experiences, but most of the changes in your bodies during this decade are related to the menopause.

Loss of interest in sex.

Helen notes that due to your hormonal changes and a drop in oestrogen levels women are likely to experience a low libido and vaginal dryness during this stage of their lives.

Weight gain around the stomach.

It is around this time that women may notice stubborn weight gain around the stomach, which is highly difficult to work off.
Helen says: 'Women may experience more central weight gain, 'fat around the middle' as metabolism slows down, more stress and lower hormone levels (particularly testosterone).'

Anxiety, depression and low mood.

Changes in lifestyle can cause various changes to mood in our 50s.
The rapid hormonal changes of the menopause can also cause drops in mood, or even anxiety and depression.

Helen says: 'Feeling quite low during this time is common as family dynamics change (children may have left to go to university) and life is reevaluated.'

Bones become weaker.

Unless you break a bone or suffer joint pain this effect of ageing is generally symptom-less, which is why is it key to pay attention to it.

Your bone density is a key part of health as you get older.
Helen says: 'Osteopenia or osteoporosis need to be taken seriously, whether you are or aren't on medication.'

Helen points out that no woman is the same and while some may have suffer some symptoms others may experience different ones – or none at all.

She says: 'Following a low sugar and alcohol and higher protein and brightly coloured fruit and vegetables is key to balancing blood sugar and supporting all of the above symptoms.'

She adds: 'Regular exercise is essential to keep endorphins high, healthy weight and bones strong.'

The rapid hormonal changes of the menopause can also cause drops in mood, or even anxiety and depression


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