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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Your Guide to Sitting Less

A quick guide to sitting less.

1. Plan by Minutes

Cornell ergonomist Alan Hedges recommends 20 minutes sitting, 8 minutes standing, 2 minutes walking. Repeat. The formula also improves productivity and posture, studies show.

2. Default to a Walk

Instead of mulling at your desk when you're drawing a blank, get up and take a 5-minute walk. Research suggests that you'll be 60 percent more creative when you return.

3.  Stand When Tired

Make this automatic: If you yawn, stand up. Rising fires the Ascending Reticular Activating System, a network of neurons in the cerebral cortex that enhances alertness.

4. Shift Your Mind-Set

Before you take a seat, think of this quote from Mayo Clinic researcher James Levine: "The goal of sitting should be sin-gular: to give our bodies a break from moving."

Sitting: The Most Unhealthy Thing You Do


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