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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Brush Away Cellulite

Cellulite is often a difficult thing to shift but with a healthy diet and daily body brushing, the appearance can be improved quickly. Here's how to body brush:

Choose a large natural bristle brush (most large chemists and health stores sell them).

You need to do this every day before taking a bath or shower.

With a dry brush, begin from the feet and use long upward strokes working towards the heart. Gently work up the legs and around the bottom area. Use circular movements on the bottom and abdomen, followed by upward strokes (always working towards the heart).

Work over the hands and up the arms and across the shoulders until all areas have been covered.

Avoid varicose veins and moles.

Once finished, take a nice warm bath or shower and finish off by applying baby oil to damp skin. This will lock in moisture to leave the skin soft. Dry off with a soft towel by gently blotting the skin until dry. Be careful of getting any residue oil onto bedding or clothing.

Alternatively dry off with a towel and apply a good moisturiser all over.

Done daily you can expect to see a difference in the skin in a few weeks. The appearance should be less bumpy and the skin will feel softer to touch.

Combine this with a good diet and plenty of water to flush out toxins.

Choose a natural brush so that it doesn't scratch the skin.

This is the one I use and is great value for money


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